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One of the few questions we get asked all the time is: How much does a website cost? I will do my best to explain general pricing guidelines here.

How much does a website cost?

August 4, 2017

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Once a website is published, is that it?

October 19, 2017

The general process of creating a website is as follows : Come up with an idea on how you want your website to look. Then you have to design the website yourself or hire someone. After the final edits, publish your website.


Publishing a website means allowing the public to see your website. You are viewing this blog right now on a published website. In other terms, anyone will be able to visit your website and browse it, purchase items from it, etc. What if I just published my website, now what? 


Now what?


Congratulations! Everyone can now see the great website you created! Does my website stop there? NO! Every website is made for a purpose, whether that be to sell, inform or share ideas via a blog or news articles. Each type of website is important because they all have a different purpose. But they all have one commonality. All of them need to be maintained regularly. What does this mean?  I'm glad you asked. 


Have you visited a website and seen on their "Upcoming events" page, there is an event for 2015 or earlier? Or their most recent blog post is from 2015 or earlier? This means no one is managing their website. 



Managing your website



Managing your website is extremely important since stale information rarely benefits anyone.  Google even bases some of their ranking decisions on how current the data is. Everyone creates a website to either get more business or share ideas via a blog or news articles. Let’s explain the first reason. "I created my website to gain more business". This is the most popular reason websites are created. If your company has a website and it stays the same for more than one year, it is not managed well. A website is an instant way to share with your clients and others what is going on with your business. Maybe in the past year, you hired many employees or you added on services so you could serve more people? Put this on the website! Now more people know your company’s updated capabilities and you can get more business from your website.


If you have a blog or an upcoming event section on your website, do not let it get stale! Stay active or remove it. You do not want potential clients coming to your website and seeing your most recent blog post is outdated. This shows your company does not care about online business and traffic so this might transfer into the quality of service your company offers. Also don't show old events from a few years ago. If your "newest event" is from three years ago, replace it or get rid of it. By leaving an old event posted, this could result in people thinking your company doesn't participate in events anymore, your business isn't as active as it once was or you've forgotten about your website altogether.  None of this is good of course.


I hope you have enjoyed this post.


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